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Dad level 1, creative one-man-army, community empowerment pioneer, and cross-cultural marketing extraordinaire.
After bringing the outstanding work of Amplitude Studios’ dev teams to players around the world for the past 7 years, I have joined Ubisoft Annecy as Sr. International Brand Manager!



After over two decades of experimentations with digital Arts, I have developed a keen interest for photography and pixel sorting algorythms. Every artwork is created from an orginial photograph, and then processed with a custom pixel sorting algorythm. I have released two collections so far, SENTINELUS and PILLARS, with a third nearing completion.

Hope you enjoy!

– 2019


Inspired by astrophotography & astrophysics, I released a first serie in 2019 entitled SENTINELUS as a tribute to the work of Aleksandar Petrovic.

The serie includes 15 unique artworks, revealing exoplanet topographies and cosmic events.

– 2020


This micro-collection is a relfection about our shared natural heritage.
Everest, Uluru, Fuji. Three mountain peaks that are fascinating me… one to conquer, one to contemplate, and one to inspire.

– 2021


Philosophy with pops of color.

Coming soon.


Current position: Sr. Brand Manager @ AMPLITUDE STUDIOS

After various professional experiences and a short mission at Ubisoft in 2012 (EMEA Brand Manager on the Might&Magic IP), I joined Amplitude studios to launch Endless Legend, Dungeon of the Endless, and then Endless Space 2 in 2017. I have then led the Marketing efforts on Humankind – a triple-A Historical Strategy game slated for 2021 – and Endless Dungeon, an exciting new entry in the Endless universe. In 2021 I decided to head over to the mountains and joined the amazing Ubisoft Annecy team as Sr. International Brand Manager!


I’ve had the privilege to lead the production of over 90 video assets, ranging from high-value CGI & Live Action trailers, to gameplay trailers & dev interviews.

Aside from commissioning 3rd party agencies (concept, storyboard, music sync), I’ve also been handling most trailers from concept (…storyboard, film making, gameplay capture, video editing, music sync/mix, sfx) to delivery.

Check out a selection of my favorite productions, or head over to Amplitude’s channels for a more exhaustive look: Hk, ES2, EL, DotE.

Humankind Lucy trailer
The Game Awards 2020

Humankind Reveal trailer
Gamescom Opening Night Live

Humankind Feature trailer
The Game Awards 2019

Humankind OpenDev
Gameplay trailer

Endless Dungeon
Game Awards 2020 Reveal trailer

Endless Space 2 launch trailer

Quality Time with Jeff
Endless Space 2 dev interview serie

Grateful Devs
Endless Space 2 early access credits

Auriga Supplication
Endless Legend launch trailer

Rogue Life
Dungeon of the Endless launch trailer

M&M Heroes 6
Shades of Darkness trailer


It’s always fun when there’s more room to be creative, and that’s exactly what digital activation campaigns requires. I co-designed successful campaigns for Endless Space 2 and Humankind, both with very different approaches: community contest, and Augmented Reality Game.

Check it out!

HUMANKIND – What If contest

This digital activation campaign plays with the brand’s “big idea” – How Far Will You Push Humankind – by challenging our wider community to partake in an alternate history meme-making contest. For 10 weeks, we’ve had thousands of players who participated for a chance to give everyone a good laugh (much needed in these dark times), but also to win very (very) cool prizes.

We partnered with Chapel Comics to design visual assets for the trailer, and for a custom meme-maker hosted on our community platform.

Check out the campaign page and give the meme-maker a try!


To engage with our core community, I co-designed a complex Augmented Reality Game that allowed you to interact with a sentient AI from the Endless Universe breaking loose from Amplitude’s servers. The commuity was oriented in a mission to gain its trust, and lock it away for good (leading to the unexpected early release of Endless Space 2). Subsequent tasks involved visual design (Endless glyphs alphabet, web app) and steganopgraphy to create the numerous elements with hidden clues (that was fun!).

Check out this article to learn more about the E.N.F.E.R. campaign.


Creating the perfect gameplay captures can be quite technical, especially early in the production cycle. It involves photographer and storyteller skills, so that every picture is visually striking and tells a story. Every little detail counts. In most cases, using custom dev tools allow me to quickly create specific compositions.