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I am a Brand Director with 10+ years of experience in game production, and I’m going freelance !

With several critically acclaimed Brands under my belt, I am now empowering studios, publishers, and investors around the world to help their Games become great Brands and reach the success they deserve!

Part of dev teams for over a decade, I understand the technical complexity and artistic subtility of crafting games. My scope of work goes beyond strategic planning and publishing. I can support core teams starting early in pre-production to help crystallize their creative visions into Brands with strong appeal and long-term potential.

I can assist you with every step of the marketing pipeline from marketability and product definition to branding and strategic planning. And I don’t stop at theory crafting; I can also deliver creative assets (logo, styleguide, screenshots, storefront assets, gameplay trailers, …) or pitch & lead external agencies.

& positioning


For the past 10+ years, I have been working as a Brand expert for Amplitude studios, SEGA, Ubisoft or Motion Twin in various capacities, from being solo to recruiting, leading and managing teams of experts on indie to AAA titles.

Besides crafting Brand identities and go-to-market strategies, I have also led the charge on multiple live cycles and shipped dozens of carefully branded expansions, DLCs, and updates.

Furthermore, I have been pioneering early testing strategies and contributed to the conception and development of the innovative community empowerment methodologies and tools championed by Amplitude Studios (cf. Games2Gether).


I’ve had the privilege to lead the production of over 90 published video assets, ranging from high-value CGI & Live Action trailers, to gameplay trailers & dev interviews.

Aside from directing 3rd party agencies, I’ve also been handling most trailers from concept (…storyboard, film making, gameplay capture, graphic design, video editing, music sync/mix, sfx post process,) to delivery.

In other words, owning the full creative pipeline allows me to bring great value to the Brands I’m leading, as I can effectively convey their identities and particularities into public-facing key assets.

Humankind Lucy trailer
The Game Awards 2020

Humankind Feature trailer
The Game Awards 2019

Endless Dungeon
Game Awards 2020 Reveal trailer

Humankind Reveal trailer
Gamescom Opening Night Live

Humankind OpenDev
Gameplay trailer

Endless Space 2 launch trailer

Rogue Life
Dungeon of the Endless launch trailer

Grateful Devs
Endless Space 2 early access credits

Quality Time with Jeff
Endless Space 2 dev interview serie

Auriga Supplication
Endless Legend launch trailer

M&M Heroes 6
Shades of Darkness trailer


I’ve always cherished the privilege of having a lot of creative freedom, and that’s exactly what digital activation campaigns require. I firmly believe that there is a lot more value in embracing a systemic approach rather than a transactional one, and building activation campaigns as playful systems allow much better outreach and lead generation.

Oh and we can also have A LOT more fun engaging players this way rather than spending resources on ads and banners. So please check out two of the best campaigns I’ve ever delivered, for Endless Space 2 and Humankind, both with very different objectives (one focused on outreach, the other on core audience engagement).

HUMANKIND – What If contest

This digital activation campaign plays with the brand’s “big idea” – How Far Will You Push Humankind – by challenging our wider community to partake in an alternate history meme-making contest. For 10 weeks, we’ve had thousands of players who participated for a chance to give everyone a good laugh (much needed in these dark times), but also to win very (very) cool prizes.

We partnered with Chapel Comics to design visual assets for the trailer, and for a custom meme-maker hosted on our community platform available here.


To engage with our core community, I co-designed a complex Augmented Reality Game that allowed you to interact with a sentient AI from the Endless Universe breaking loose from Amplitude’s servers. The commuity was oriented in a mission to gain its trust, and lock it away for good (leading to the unexpected early release of Endless Space 2). Subsequent tasks involved visual design (Endless glyphs alphabet, web app) and steganopgraphy to create the numerous elements with hidden clues (that was fun!).

Check out this article to learn more about the E.N.F.E.R. campaign.

Let's craft your Brand together!