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Want to learn some bits about me?

(you’ve come to the right place!)

You might have already scrolled through my game branding porfolio here, so here’s some additional details about me.

My name is Etienne, I currently live with my partner and two sons in Haute-Savoie, a region in France located north of the Alps mountain range (and relatively close to Switzerland and Geneva).

As you might expect I don’t spend all my time gaming, I also love the outdoors, and I spend as much time as I can hiking, skiing, kayaking… I’m also a musician (guitare, bass, piano), a wannabe astrophotographer and glitch art experimentalist, scroll down to check out my craft 🙂

…and before you do, feel free to connect:



More than a (very demanding) hobby, capturing photons that have travelled hundreds, thousands, even millions of light years has become a true passion.

I have always been fascinated by astrophysics, science fiction, and humanity’s itch to observe, to imagine, to try to understand what is out there. Sure, the teams of scientists using Hubble or JWST do it waaaay better than anyone, but being able to capture these mind-blowing deep sky objects from the backyard, with amateur equipment, is an exhilarating experience.

So check out these few modest astrographs of mine, and let me know if you like ’em!



After over two decades of experimentations with digital Arts, I have developed a weird interest for combining photography and pixel sorting algorithms. It is a highly experimental process that can yield interesting results when the parameters are just right.

In the following collections, every artwork is created from an original photograph, and then processed with handmade pixel sorting / drifting algorithms. To quote Lavoisier’s Law of conservation of mass, “nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”, and I am merely displacing the captured photons using a parametric (yet a bit random) process. Each artwork is truly unique as I am destroying the digital files once the print is made.

I have released two collections so far, SENTINELUS and PILLARS, with a third nearing completion.



Inspired by astrophotography & astrophysics, I released a first serie in 2019 entitled SENTINELUS as a tribute to the work of Aleksandar Petrovic.

The serie includes 15 unique artworks, revealing exoplanet topographies and cosmic events.



This micro-collection is a relfection about our shared natural heritage.
Everest, Uluru, Fuji. Three mountain peaks that are fascinating me… one to conquer, one to contemplate, and one to inspire.



Philosophy with pops of color.

Coming soon.

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